The Flyback Solutions Presale!

Flyback Solutions is entering presale with the first fully anonymous crypto debit card!

The anonymous virtual debit card and the golden physical card are already available!

  • The Flyback Vision

Register now for the presale and buy $FLYS as cheaply as they will ever be!

  • Presale starts at $0.01 - official listing will be at $0.1 (join early!)
  • Up to 10% cashback on physical card
  • Additional earning opportunities through team functions, Pools, Locking and Streamline!

Active now!

The presale for the company's own token $FLYS has started! Here is an overview of the presale stages.

Current Pre-Sale Price 
(according to the Backoffice)


(sells out very fast!)

Overview of all Presale Levels

  • Level 1: $0.01 - Sold out within 1 minute!
  • Level 2: $0.02 - Sold out within 3 minutes!
  • Level 3 - Level 9: $0.03 - $0.06 - Sold out!
  • Level 10 - Level 24: $0.0625 - $0.0975 - Active now!
  • Launch at $0.10

$FLY Token Listing price after Presale
(according to Whitepaper)


In times of significant financial restrictions, Flyback has the perfect solution to offer

Become financially independent from large financial institutions with Flyback!

Protect yourself from uncertain times with Flyback Solutions.

  • Anonymous crypto debit card - only you know your personal expenses (online and offline)
  • Easily top up with your cryptos using prepaid
  • Works with Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay - No KYC needed! (suitable for everyday use)
  • Various cards to choose from, depending on your needs.

Unique Usecases. Unique concept.

The Usecases of Flyback Solutions

Anonymous crypto debit card (virtual & physical)

You can easily top up the virtual debit card with your cryptos and use it everywhere in daily life (shopping, refueling, etc.). You can pay anonymously both online and offline!

Flyback Locking: Get rewards on your tokens during presale

Lock your tokens and watch the price increase. In the meantime, you will receive daily rewards that you can easily sell and cash out.

Presale and token with many earning opportunities

Flyback Solutions already offers many earning opportunities in the presale. From teams to pools with Streamline and Locking you can earn well. Use the products or build a team and earn commissions.

The idea.

Why Flyback Solutions?

That's exactly where Flyback Solutions comes in...

The Mission and Vision of Flyback Solutions

In times of global uncertainty, where massive currency devaluation has become the norm and personal freedom is increasingly restricted, there needs to be a counterforce.

Flyback aims to bring back the freedom of the past into the present. Flyback Solutions offers an alternative built on the characteristics of digital gold - cryptocurrencies. Complete anonymity in personal spending online and offline, no restrictions on opening bank accounts, and direct access to your own money - WITHOUT the fear of bank runs when the next bank goes bankrupt.

Flyback Solutions stands for solutions to move freely and independently in this new era. This means: securing fiat money, paying with cryptocurrencies and gold to escape growing control.

There are approximately 500 million cryptocurrency wallet owners, which means there are 500 million problems we can solve together. If we only achieve a 1% market share, that would be 5 million customers buying $FLYS for $1,000 each. That would be $5 billion invested in $FLYS tokens.

To achieve this, FLYBACK SOLUTIONS invests up to 30% in crypto commissions back into its community. That would be $1.5 billion in crypto payouts. The $FLYS token would then fly to the moon and beyond!

Join the Presale now!

Instructions for purchasing tokens in the backoffice.

General instructions for purchasing tokens.

Perfect timing!

Launch directly into the Bull Market!

In our opinion, Flyback has the perfect launch time! After the presale is sold out and the token is launched, we will most likely be in the middle of a bull market.

Want to get more information?

Download the Whitepaper
officially issued by Flyback.

Big investment opportunity

Would you like to buy Bitcoin again at $1?

Flyback Solutions is still in its infancy, but has already surpassed 1,000 members in less than a week. Something big is happening here! Unlike all the other 'Shitcoins' like 'MEMEDOGEELON,' Flyback has a real usecase that is likely to revolutionize the financial system.

Now, become an early part of one of the most promising projects with a significant usecase!



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